International Golf Travelers Welcome at Florida’s First Virtual Golf Club in the Golf Capital of the World – Southwest Florida

Today’s golf traveler is hungry for content that is relevant to their needs and the newly launched strives to provide the perfect combination of rich content for SWFL permanent resident golfers as well as South West Florida bound golf tourists who collectively represent a highly coveted target audience for SWFL regional advertisers. and the ‘virtual’ GolfSWFL Golf Club® seems dedicated to providing active golfers in Southwest Florida with current course conditions, pictures and videos of golf destinations throughout ‘winter-weather-perfect’ Southwest Florida in a targeted geographic area stretching from Sarasota in the north to Marco Island in the south – alongside the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico.

White powdery sea-sand, sunshine, fresh seafood, gently swaying palm trees and plenty of challenging championship golf on hand! Get the picture? This is one of the world’s top golf destinations and deservedly so. Now add a little local flavor to the portal and who better to learn from about Southwest Florida golf, than from local Southwest Florida Pro’s, resident golfers, snow bird golfers, EU golf tourists and top golf travel writers who are all regularly invited to contribute commentary on the total golf tourism infrastructure represented in Southwest Florida – the “Golf Capital of the World”.

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Southwest Florida’s (SWFL) Coast-Voted Best Golf Destination in America by International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO)

Golf SWFL's Paradise Coast Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades – was voted as 2014’s Golf Destination of the Year – North America - by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) at the prestigious annual IAGTO Awards ceremony in Costa Daurada, Spain on November 14, 2013. The Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau served as destination host when IAGTO held its annual North America Convention (NAC) in June 2013 at the Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort, Golf Club & Spa with additional events in Naples. With more than 275 delegates from 33 countries gathering for the event, it was the most well attended and successful North America Convention for IAGTO to date. “To be named North America’s Golf Destination of the Year by the IAGTO membership is an enormous honor and serves to carry forward the positive recognition the destination received in 2013 as host of the IAGTO’s annual North America Convention,” said Jack Wert, tourism executive director in Florida’s Paradise Coast in SWFL. “The greater Naples and SWFL region is recognized by the National Golf Foundation as having the most holes per capita in the United States, and is often referred to as the Golf Capital of the World.

Gary Player’s Own Childhood Poverty Inspires Charitable Work

On Sunday, October 27, just five days before his 78th birthday, international golf champion, sport ambassador and philanthropist Gary Player shows why he remains an inspiration for millions of people across the world. Player, one of the greatest golfers of all time and a man who has raised millions of dollars for the education of underprivileged children, is the first athlete to feature in 21 Icons South Africa, which showcases extraordinary South Africans who have lived inspirational lives. The short film and a portrait of Player by photographer and filmmaker Adrian Steirn will be released globally online. As Steirn remarks in the episode: "Gary Player would have been successful at anything he chose to do."

Turning pro at the age of 17, a mere three years after he started playing golf, Player has racked up more than 165 professional wins, including nine majors, in a career spanning six decades and as many continents. He has been called the world's most travelled athlete, clocking more than 25 million kilometers, and his dedication to fitness and a healthy diet is world renowned. In fact, ESPN The Magazine chose a nude Player this year for the cover of its annual Body Issue, an honor which, according to its website, goes to "athletes who have pushed their physiques to profound frontiers". "Have you done any sit-ups today?" Steirn asks Player as they prepare for the 21 Icons photo shoot. "Not today," Player answers, "but I did eleven hundred last night."

The thoroughbred racehorse breeder explains his longevity — and exceptional energy — thus: "If you stay fit and you watch your diet and you stay lean, you're going to last longer. You know, in the racehorse business they say 'the longer the race, the leaner the horse', and that applies to life. If you stay lean, you're going to live longer; the less you eat, the longer you'll live."

Player ascribes his success to his never-give-up attitude. When he decided to turn pro at 17, everyone, including his father, thought he was crazy. "But I was never influenced by what other people thought," he says.
"I just believed I could do it, and I want to tell young people that you're the one who's got to believe it. Other people can't decide for you — you've got to believe it. And if you have a problem in life, nobody's going to solve it except you. I've seen so many potentially great players who could have been great had they had the right attitude. It's really 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it."

FREE Golf Classifieds Southwest Florida Buy/Sell/Trade your used golf gear in Southwest Florida SWFL

The intent of GolfSWFL Classifieds is to create a medium for Southwest Floridians to buy, sell and trade their gently used golf equipment. SWFL Golf Classifieds - List and Find Golf Equipment for Sale in SWFL. Recently upgraded to a new set of clubs and not sure what to do with the old ones? Don't let your golf equipment rust away in obscurity. Post it on GolfSWFL Classifieds for other golfers to find.