Get Free Traffic to Your Golf Website

Getting your golf product noticed in a sea of the "latest and greatest golf equipment" and "après golf services" available to South West Florida golfers can be tough.

To ensure the success of your golf brand online, you have a few options: 

  • Work with a golf media and marketing company like Golf SWFL to promote your product
  • Spend your own time generating referral traffic or
  • A combination of expert golf marketing and some elbow grease

Here are three free ways to increase product or brand awareness online. Keep in mind, although these channels are free, they will require a time investment to truly reap the benefits of sustained traffic.

Golf Product Review Sites:

Getting your products in front of established networks of golfers can help to increase website traffic and raise product awareness quickly. Golf bloggers and review sites are always looking for new products to add to their content stream so it should be fairly easy to get some press for your golf product. Keep in mind, the free review sites also come with an ad sales pitch just shortly after your review is complete. You will want to be certain to check their web stats to see if it's worth the product sample you will be contributing and any consideration for advertising. Be sure to keep an inventory of products just for review sites and be patient, online reviews can take weeks to months to be published.

Golf Forum Sites:

Catching golfers in the midst of relevant discussion can result in serious relevant traffic to your site. There are dozens (if not more) of great forum sites to seed discussion about your golf product but reaching these golfers requires careful message positioning. Interaction within well-established forums is typically with die hard forum members that will not hesitate to run you off the site if you are self-promoting. Instead, you should post questions that open up discussions about the validity of your product and use the forums to get quality product feedback. Creating posts about topics that are closely related to your product will give you the best shot at organic traffic. It's best to join these platforms as an individual and not as a business entity, using a real photo of yourself. If you really want to maximize the results of forum marketing you should have a genuine interest and engage in discussions other than your own. Take advantage of GolfSWFL's Facebook; Twitter and You Tube social circles.

Golf Article Marketing:

If you have a website you should already know that fresh content is a key component of SEO. The articles you create for your website should serve two purposes;

  • improve the search traffic for your keywords
  • educate golfers about your products and product category in an engaging manner.

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