RV Golf Club Members get FREE RV Parking at Hundreds of US Golf Courses and Golf Resorts

“Hi, this is Jim & Julie Vernes. We have been full time RV’ers for three years. When we hit the road we pictured enjoying some scenic locations along fresh water streams, country settings and wonderful small town America. Then we found ourselves seeking the security of RV parks. But that turned out to be disappointing; crowded and unexciting. Then we thought, wouldn't it be great to park at golf courses. They're beautiful, quiet, un-crowded and it would be real convenient to be able to walk to the greens, restaurant and Pro shop. We have since discovered that thousands of other RV'ers want the same thing. So it is with great pleasure that we present to you an organized, formal way of enjoying quality golf courses all over North America. Happy travels and welcome to RV Golf Club.”

“The free RV parking is certainly generous. However, the real attraction lies in creating lasting memories in an abundance of wonderful settings, surrounded by gorgeous landscaping and fairways knowing that you are a welcome guest at these quality golf clubs. This is a whole new beautiful world, never before embraced by RV'ers. It takes the Golden Years to a higher level - you get to enjoy the comfort and convenience of your RV while being treated like a member at these great golf courses and RV resorts." RV Golf Club membership guarantees free RV parking at hundreds of golf courses and golf resorts plus free 2 night stays with full hookups at RV resorts throughout the United States. RVGC is the only company of its kind that offers golf course benefits and discounts to RV owners. Right now you can secure an RV Golf Club charter membership for only $49 a year. RVGC offers members a unique opportunity for RV owners who are looking for a winter or summer home. Members can stay at different RV Resorts for 2-nights-free, with hookups. This gives you an opportunity to leisurely determine if you want to stay longer and/or come back another time or perhaps purchase your own RV site or Park Model. What is included in an RVGC membership? RV Golf Club member perks include instant access to an interactive map system with listings for every participating property including GPS coordinates; person to contact for reservations; list of amenities. As well as access to exclusive restaurants, discounted green fees and entertainment specific to the destination you are visiting. Southwest Florida bound golfing RV’ers can get a free one year membership at Golf SWFL Golf Club®, Florida’s first “virtual golf club”, with a valid RV Golf Club membership.

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