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Happy birthday AIR FORCE!!!!
@cutmaker Best week of the year when the sun even remotely shines!!!!!!!!! #dunhilllinks
I am down for all former players to receive better benefits and retirement plans..
Check out my new blog to see what i've been up to the last 6 weeks 👉🏻 in the "on the course…
If you love the @nfl like i do, time to use your voice as a collective fan base to help those that paved the way fo…
Home sweet home!!! ❤️🐶🐶❤️ @ Windermere, Florida
Yes they should, @tomsstory food is simply incredible.. More than worthy of the extra 🌟 @MichelinGuideUK 👊🏻👍🏻
Sending prayers and love to her family and friends. ❤️
Are they the same team this year that they have been last 10 years?
Thank you so much for my new mattress @Bellagio @MGMResortsIntl for my new mattress!! Legit sleep so good every tim…
Love this!! So happy for you @Angela_Stanford ❤️❤️
Full on water submersion this afternoon @JenHongers
Feels so good to be back in golf shoes!! @nikegolf
Think I might just have to use trusty @ShipSticks instead... at least I know they will arrive..
Becoming extremely concerned if my golf clubs will turn up for the @RyderCupEurope as I’m flying @British_Airways n…
Anyone want to explain to me who the @Jaguars think they are? Patrioting the Patriots.
Disgusting Vile thing to do to anyone... I hope he gets banned for a long time. 🤮
Great week in @evianchamp and couldn’t do it without my little sidekick clara_0740 following me every step of the w…
@johnhuggan @jcorrigangolf There was a young man called Buck...... oh no, can’t tell that one on here!
Ever get the feeling 18 holes just isn't enough? Book your 2019 golf holiday with @yourgolftravel & play UNLIMITED…
Woah woah woah stop the clock!!
Bought me a new tumbler today @BubbaSweetSpot... it keeps my milkshakes 🥛 cold!! #BubbaSweetSpot #Pcola
I just won with these... go buy yourself a set... you won’t regret it 😀
Congratulations @Keegan_Bradley!! @BMWchamps 🏆
Thanks to the @PGATOUR, @BMWchamps staff and golf club staff & volunteers this week, no way we could have finished…
S’mores at the Watsons tonight!! #PrevostLife
Up and at it early for my second round at the @WyndhamChamp. A few hats remaining from last week’s…
Long post round range grind to make this thing right tomorrow ... gonna hit the @KTTape ice/heat massage ball to re…